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What is $WIFD?

Meet dot wif dots the furry ambassador of the Polkadot realm - the first dog ​memecoin on DOT... being literally just a dog wif dots! With a wag of its tail, this ​dottedpup embodies Polkadot's mission of unity and teamwork, inviting users, ​tech wizards, and fans to join paws and 'connect the dots'. By adding a sprinkle ​of creativity and a big scoop of inclusivity, our spotted friend showcases ​Polkadot's core values, making fancy tech lingo easy for everyone to grasp.

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About dog wif dots


From the community for ​the community

Well hydrated

LP on Hydration and Moonb​eam burned

Rug free

Token admin rights on ​Asset​ Hub burned

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Artistic Dog WIF DOTS

by Vincent Van Dot

by Pup Mondrian

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Famous Dogs WIF DOTS


Napoleon ​Bonepawte

Ir​on Dog


King of DOT

Elvis Pupley


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$WIFD Tokenomics

Total supply $WIFD

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Why $WIFD?




Cross Check Box
Cross Check Box
Cross Check Box
Cross Check Box

12 tx/second

chain not used for $WIFD

not a dog

no dots




white heavy check mark
white heavy check mark
white heavy check mark

mascot for Polkadot

first dog on Polkadot

literally a dog wif dots




white heavy check mark
white heavy check mark
Cross Check Box
Minus Vector Icon

up to 100k - 1M tx/second

chain used for $WIFD

not a dog

just partly dotted

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Dog wif dotmap

liquidity BORK ​AirDr​op

LP Rewards for our dog pools ​$DOT/$WIFD & $BORK/$WIFD

Dog wif Dots ​GAME​

We want to give our pups a ​competitive toy to play wif

Planned Q3 / Q4

Dog wif NFT ​Collec​tion

We want to enrich our dotted ​pups with dog wif dots NFTs

$WIFD Airdrop ​for DOT Holder

Airdrop 5.42069% of $WIFD total ​supply to DOT holders

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by dogwifdots
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Get dotted

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Dog wif groove

Listen to our dog wif dots songs

Polka Dots Background
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buy $WIFD

1. Step

Have or create

your Polkadot wallet

like Talisman, Nova ​or SubWallet

2. Step

Buy DOT from

DEX or CEX and send ​it ​to your ​existing walle​t

3. Step

Connect it to ​Hydration, navigate ​to WALLET & add ​WIFD as new asset

4. Step

Go to CROSS-CHAIN ​and teleport your ​DOT from Polkadot to ​Hy​dration

5. Step​

Go to TRADE and ​swap some DOT for ​WIFD or in another tra​ding ​pair

How to Cross-chain

How to Buy $WIFD / $BORK

How to Ad​d liquidity

DISCLOSURE: By purchasing $WIFD coin, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any loses or taxes ​you may incur. Although WIFD is a community driven Defi Ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before ​you make any purchase.